Join the Patrol

During the ESP’s Annual Enrollment Period in the fall neighbors can join the Edgewood Security Patrol in time to catch the full benefits of ESP membership during our operational year – November 16 through November 15th.  Annual membership is $200.

We also have a spring half-year enrollment period in the spring that ends on May 15th.  This means you can join the ESP for during the highest crime period of the year for only $100! Join before May 15th to receive all of the benefits of ESP membership from May 15th till November 15th.

Having open enrollment periods enables ESP to establish a budget, plan patrol hours, and minimize volunteer efforts.

New residents to Edgewood can join outside of the enrollment period at a prorated rate.

Current residents may join outside of the enrollment periods at any time for the full, non-prorated fee.

To Enroll now, fill out the form below.

The annual membership fee is $200 per household and the semi-annual membership fee per household (available only in the spring) is $100 per year. After completing the application below you will be prompted to make a payment online. There is an online payment fee of $6.28. Alternatively, you can send a check to:

Edgewood Security Patrol 1560 Memorial Drive SE Atlanta, 30317

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