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Safety Tips

Join the Edgewood Security Patrol – The Edgewood Security Patrol helps keep more officers patrolling our streets, drastically improves police response times, puts focused pressure on crime hot spots in our neighborhood, creates opportunities for you to meet your neighbors through engaging meetings and planned social gatherings, strengthens the social fabric of the neighborhood, researches and promotes crime prevention best practices, provides ongoing education in the areas of home and personal safety, acts as a communication bridge between APD and neighborhood residents, and provides after crisis care.

Physically Secure Your Home – There is an old saying, “When every second counts, the cops are only minutes away.”  This isn’t a statement against police officers, it just means that like all mortals, they are limited by time and space.  Realizing that noise outside is someone trying to break in, finding your phone, calling 911, communicating to the dispatcher where you are and what is going on, the dispatcher directing an officer to your home, and the officer traveling to your home all take time.  It is your responsibility to keep yourself and those in your home safe until help arrives.  How long would it take for two to three men to break into your home? How about three men with a sledgehammer?  Usually it’s fractions of a second.  What will you and your unwanted houseguests do for the next 5-10 minutes?  At a minimum, reinforce your exterior door strike-plates and hinges.  Even better would be to do this as well as installing security gates over your doors and either install bars over your windows or coat the window glass with security film (clear film that keeps windows from being broken through).  You don’t always have to trade security for aesthetics.  Some of your neighbors have bars over their doors and windows and you wouldn’t even know it.  Also, good exterior lighting, security systems, and security cameras are good additions, but remember, most homes that are broken into in our area have security systems.

Clean Out Your Car – Keep anything valuable in your car out of site.  Most car break-ins are crimes of opportunity – someone sees something valuable on the other side of your window glass, they break it, and they take it.  Also, if possible, park your car off the street where people are less likely to walk by it.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings – Someone walking down the street lost in their expensive smart phone is the ideal target for a criminal – they know they have something of value and they know the person is not paying attention.  Keep your head up and eyes open to who and what is going on around you.  Also, try to limit your time spent out on the streets after dark.  Darkness makes situational awareness more difficult and more important.

Bother the Cops – They want you to call them.  Be the, “It’s me again” neighbor.  Those are the folks who help cops stop crime.  If in doubt about something you see or hear call the police.  Remember the saying, “See something, say something.”  If you can, take pictures of people or situations that you think are suspicious.  Having a photograph or video of who and what to look for, makes the officers’ job a lot easier.

Be a Good Neighbor – Get to know your immediate neighbors. Get their cell phone numbers and look out for them.  Call them and call the police if you see something you’re not sure about.  Remember, when it comes to crime, your neighbor’s problem is your problem.