Become a Member

Membership Advantages

  • Security patrol officers are dedicated solely to Edgewood.
  • When a member 911 call occurs during security patrol operating hours, an ESP officer will proceed immediately to your house or place of business. The average patrol response time is around 5 minutes. APD officer response time may take 30 minutes or longer.
  • ESP officers are dedicated to Edgewood and don’t have to respond to calls in other parts of Zone 6 or to non-member calls within Edgewood. Member calls are their absolute first priority.
  • Members receive an ESP yard sign to display on their property.
  • During each shift, ESP officers drive by every member’s residence or business.
  • When vacationing, ESP member residences and businesses receive increased coverage including grounds patrols.
  • Members receive a monthly newsletter.
  • Members are added to a private listserv that sends out news and updates regarding crime data and security information.
  • Members are invited to quarterly safety seminars and membership events.

Membership Dues


Residents – $200.00 per year. Businesses / Apartments / Lofts – Inquire at

* Need based scholarships may be available. Inquire at